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The Golden Visa Program has been launched by the Portuguese Authorities is a fast track for citizens from non-EU countries to obtain a fully valid residency permit in Portugal.

Under this visa program, non-EU citizens simply need to carry out one of the investments set out in the law to qualify and to obtain a residency permit in Portugal. 

This visa allows the investor and his immediate family members to enter and live in Portugal and to travel freely within the majority of European countries.

For attracting foreign investment in Portugal, this visa category is a straightforward and flexible program, with simple and clear legal requirements for investors.  

With extremely reduced minimum stay requirements, the Golden Visa is clearly one of the most attractive residency programs for investors across the globe.


Type of Investments

The following types of investment now qualify for the Golden Visa programme:

A)  Property Investments

  1. Acquisition of property above € 500,000;
  2. Acquisition of property above € 350,000 - for properties more than 30 years old or located in areas of urban renovation.

B)  Capital Investments

  1. Transfer of Funds above € 1,000,000;
  2. Transfer of Funds above € 350,000 for research activities;
  3. Transfer of Funds above € 250,000 for artistic or cultural activities;
  4. Transfer of Funds above € 500,000 for capitalization of small and medium size companies.

C)  Creation of a minimum of 10 jobs;

General Requirements to Comply

All investors have to comply with the following requirements alongwith with general requirements:

  • Keep the investment for a minimum period of 5 years
  • Funds for investment should come from abroad
  • Entry in Portugal with a valid Schengen visa
  • Absence of conviction of relevant crime
  • Minimum stay in Portugal: 7 (seven) days during the first year and 14 (fourteen) days during each subsequent period of two years

Key Advantages

Free your Wings

  • There is no requirement to physically reside in Portugal at any stage.
  • You can avail free travel with in the 26 Countries in the Schengen Space

Advantages for your Family

  • Children up to 23 years will be considered as your dependent,
  • Through under family reunification; you can take your and spouse parents along with you.
  • Free Medical for all family members,
  • Your direct family members can be include, without making further investment.

Investment in Real Estate

  • You can invest by acquisition of a real estate asset
  • As an investor you can buy multiple properties (more than 1 property).
  • The property can be sold after completion of 5 years investment.

Earn with your investment

  • There is no restriction for you to earn well through your investment, by renting out your property with good rates

Further Information

Please contact us for more information on GOLDEN VISA in Portugal or to arrange initial  Personal Consultation.

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